Enterprise Search Services

This list is a good place to begin researching commercial enterprise search systems.

Company and Engine URL
Arikus: Aire http://www.arikus.com
Atomz" Atomz Search http://atomz.com
Autonomy: IDOL http://www.autonomy.com
Blossom Software: Enterprise Search http://www.blossom.com
Convera: RetrievalWare 8.0 http://www.convera.com
Copernic: Enterprise Search 2.0 (now owned by Mamma.com) http://www.copernic.com
dtSearch: dtSearch http://www.dtsearch.com
Endeca: Profind http://www.endeca.com
FAST Search & Transfer: ESP http://www.fastsearch.com
Google: The Google Applicance http://www.google.com/appliance
Hummingbird: Search Server http://www.hummingbird.com
Innterprise: Enterprise Search (now owned by GoDaddy.com) http://www.innerprise.com
InQuira, Inc.: InQuira 6.5 http://www.inquira.com
iPhrase: One Step http://www.iphrase.com
Lextek International: Onix http://www.lextek.com
Microsoft: SharePoint Search http://www.microsoft.com/sharepoint
Mondosoft A/S: MondoSearch http://www.mondosearch.com
ISYS Search Software, ISYS 8.x http://www.isys-search.com
OpenText: Livelink http://www.opentext.com
Oracle: Oracle Text http://www.oracle.com
Speed of Mind: Index Server http://www.som.com
Stratify: Discovery System 3.x http://www.stratify.com
TeraText: TeraText Suite (affiliated with SAIC, Inc.) http://www.teratext.com
Thunderstone: Texis and Webinator http://www.thunderstone.com
Triple Hop Technologies: MatchPoint 3.x http://www.triplehop.com
Verity: K2 and Ultraseek http://www.verity.com
Vivisimo Corp.: Vivisimo Clustering Engine http://www.vivisimo.com
Your Amigo: Enterprise Search http://www.youramigo.com
Selected Open-Source Alternatives http://dmoz.org/

Did you know there are more than 300 enterprise search systems as of January 1, 2005, with new ones debuting each month?

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