More Googzilla Warts: New York Times Throws a Punch

July 6, 2008

I mention this story–“On Day Care Google Makes a Rare Fumble”–by Joe Nocera to document Google’s headwinds. The piece appeared on July 5, 2008 on the Web site of the New York Times. You can read it here. The peg is day care at Google. Day care has been a hot potato in my experience. What I found interesting is this statement:

in June, the Google co-founder Sergey Brin said he had no sympathy for the parents, and that he was tired of “Googlers” who felt entitled to perks like “bottled water and M&Ms,” according to several people in the meeting. (A Google spokesman denies that Mr. Brin made that comment.)

Whether an accurate or inaccurate statement, in my opinion its inclusion puts a magnifying glass on Googzilla’s snout. Google, once the darling of the media, is now just another blundering company with insensitive management. Agree? Disagree? Set me straight, please.

Stephen Arnold, July 6, 2008


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