Sprylogics’ CTO Zivkovic Talks about Cluuz.com

August 7, 2008

The popular media fawn over search and process content companies with modest demos that work on limited result sets. Cluuz.com–a company I profiled here several weeks ago here–offers more hearty fare. The company uses Yahoo’s index to showcase its technology. You can take Cluuz.com for a test drive here. I was quite interested in the company’s approach because it uses Fancy Dan technology in a way that was immediately useful for me. Cluuz.com is a demonstration of Toronto-based Sprylogics International Inc. The company is traded on the Toronto exchange symbol TSXV:SPY.

With roots in the intelligence community, unlocking Sprylogics took some work. Once I established contact with Alex Zivkovic, I was impressed with his responsiveness and his candor.

You can read about the origins of the Cluuz.com service as well as some of the company’s other interesting content processing technology. The company offers a search system, but the real substance of the company is how the company processes content, even the Yahoo search index into a significantly more useful form.

The Cluuz.com system puts on display the firm’s proprietary semantic graph technology. You can see relationships for specific subsets of relevant content. I often use the system to locate information about a topic and then explore the identified experts and their relationships. This feature saves me hours of work trying to find a connection between two people. Cluuz.com makes this a trivial task.

Mr. Zivkovic told me:

So, we have clustering. We have entity extraction. We have a relational ship analysis in a graph format. I want to point out that for enterprise applications, the Cluuz.com functions are significantly more rich. For example, a query can be run across internal content and external content. The user sees that the internal information is useful but not exactly on point. Our graph technology makes it easy for the user to spot useful information from an external source such as the Web in conjunction with the internal information. With a single click, the user can be looking into those information objects.

I probed into the “guts” of the system. Mr. Zivkovic revealed:

Our engineers have worked hard to perform multiple text processing operations in an optimized way. Our technology can, in most cases, process content and update the indexes in a minute or less. We keep the details of our method close to the vest. I can say that we use some of the techniques that you and others have identified as characteristic of high-speed systems like those at Google, for example.

You can read the full interview with Mr. Zivkovic in the Search Wizards Speaks interview collection on the ArnoldIT.com Web site. The full text of this exclusive interview is here. A complete index of the interviews in this series is here.


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