SharePoint Positives

September 20, 2008

Software Development Times published on September 15, 2008, “SharePoint Scores with Developers” here. The writer, David Worthington, provides an excellent summary of the case for SharePoint. The explanation of SharePoint benefits may  be a better presentation than Microsoft’s own sales collateral. One point that caught my attention was this statement:

“Microsoft has run QA over it, and the CRUD [create, read, update and delete] operations are built into the quality life cycle. There are standard data access operations against SharePoint lists; you don’t have to spend nearly as much time testing.”

Rapid application development is important in many information department activities. Eliminating testing, in my experience, may have some downsides. Because of the differences that exist within Microsoft’s own products, time savings in one place may result in an unexpected time cost in another. Tailoring search in SharePoint can be a particularly tricky job. Agree? Disagree?

Stephen Arnold, September 20, 2008


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