Google: No More Sneakers and T Shirts in DC

November 1, 2008

It’s raining and cold. I am in an Alan Furst novel I think. I found an Internet cafe, but it is full of teens who would prefer an old dude in black not sit amongst them. I did not have time to watch the full Obama infomercial. I was able to read about Google’s CEO appearing in the segment. Based on the tiny pictures that finally resolved in a country with few vowels in its name, Eric Schmidt has on a suit. I was in Washington, DC several years ago when one of the Googlers visited House and Senate members. The Googlers had on, as I recall, T shirts and sneakers. How times have changed. The top Googler looks just like the late Frank Press, former White House science advisor. I can imagine Mr. Schmidt sitting in the OEB with a faux mainframe as a desk and blue diodes winking gently in an infinity mirror. No, I am having a flight of fancy. Mr. Schmidt, as I recall, does not want a White House post. But I have seen Potomac Fever grab by the nose and pull them irrevocably to the power center of America. You can read about the new Google savvy regarding DC power politics here. Definitely no T shirt. Can’t see the sneakers, so I don’t know if those complete the Googler’s wardrobe. Google’s getting with the political program. It only took a decade.

Stephen Arnold, November 1, 2008


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