New Arabic Search Engine Yamli

December 16, 2008

Update December 16, 2008 7 41 am Eastern

A reader provided two useful links. One suggests that Xooglers are involved. Navigate here. The other, in Arabric, may be of interest as well. That story from is here. Two happy quacks to my one reader in the sunny climes of the Near East.

Original Post

A happy quack to the reader who alerted me to this news story. Click quickly. The Businesswire stories can disappear without warning. The release said: “, a startup targeting the Arabic Web, unveiled its new search engine that allows users to easily search Arabic content in all its forms. Various studies show that transliterated Arabic content is ubiquitous due to a large portion of Arabic Internet users choosing to write Arabic phonetically using Latin characters in an ad-hoc and informal fashion. Yamli automatically expands Arabic keyword searches to include all of their transliterated variations and returns results for both Arabic and transliterated content. This feature is a breakthrough for Arabic Internet users who are frustrated with having to repeatedly search different variations of their query when searching for music, news or videos.” Let me know how you like this system. I had to translate words to Arabic using an online translation service. I then pasted the results into another online translation system. In short, I couldn’t figure out whether the results were on target or not. Help, please.

Stephen Arnold, December 16, 2008


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