Microsoft RIF: Conflicting Views

January 1, 2009

Minimsft, a Microsoftie blogger, stated that no layoffs would take place. You can read the December 29, 2008 here. Stealing a few moments from New Year’s Eve festivities, I scanned Fudzilla’s article “Microsoft Getting Ready to Lay Off 17% of Staff” here. Whom does one believe? Minimsft or Lars-Göran Nilsson. Tough call. For me the most interesting comment in Mr. Nilsson’s article was:

…we’re hearing that MSN might be carrying the brunt of the layoffs.

MSN (Microsoft Network) has been a can or two short of a six pack for quite a while. The problem with Mr. Nilsson’s view is that other units may warrant more severe scrutiny; for example, Microsoft’s last three acquisitions. Herd those cattle to the feedlot. Microsoft’s marketing department. Ship those wizards to Yahoo.

We won’t know whether Minimsft is right or if Mr. Nilsson is right for several weeks. Should be exciting.

Stephen Arnold, January 1, 2009


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