Microsoft: Job Search

February 23, 2009

You may be able to find a job if you are not an addled goose like me. To use the service, click here and search away. You will need to install Silverlight, Microsoft’s Adobe Flash killer, and you will have a number of opportunities to learn skills that make it easy for you to land a job as a Microsoft SharePoint developer or a Microsoft FAST ESP engineer. If you take a job at Microsoft and then lose it, Microsoft may want you to repay some of your severance buy out. You can read about this administrative dorkiness here. Somehow in my addled goose brain drifting in the mine run off slurry this afternoon, the “elevate” and “give us back your severance” fail to inspire confidence that the company has packed its Winnebago for a trip to Tomorrowland.

Stephen Arnold, February 23, 2009


One Response to “Microsoft: Job Search”

  1. Ramachandran.ARI on February 23rd, 2009 3:22 am

    Iam Ramachandran.Diploma InformationTechnology student in vel tech polytechnic college.I will finish my course in April.Then I need a job.

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