Maybe the Google Fatal Flaw Revealed

March 4, 2009

Mashable, the go to Web log for interesting cloud applications, has a blockbuster of an article here. “Why Googlers Are Leaving to Start Social Sites (And Invites to One of Them)” reveals a flaw at Google that is likely to get worse before Googlers address the issue. The comment that triggered this post was:

According to Reddy, “Most Google infrastructure is based on the original search thinking that scaling is done by using lots of cheap hardware using software layers to protect against machine failures. While this works really well for certain problem classes, there is a “scalability and complexity tax” which most new services pay in terms of development speed, even though they don’t need it in the initial phases.” The reason she sees more opportunity with Likaholix is because Google can’t always leverage open source tools due to infrastructure limitations, where Likaholix can “leverage as many open source tools as possible,” admitting that they “could not have made this much progress over the last 7 months or so in terms of product, UI and engineering if we were to build this at Google.”

Quite an interesting point. If this statement is accurate, Google’s not inept; Google is hamstrung by the wizardry that catapulted it to a dominant position in Web search. The Innovator’s Dilemma comes alive.

Stephen Arnold, March 5, 2009


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