Wolfram Bids for Dominance in the Search Pack

March 9, 2009

A happy quack to the reader who alerted me to this news story:  “Wolfram Alpha: Next Major Search Breakthrough?” here. The system, according to Dan Farber, is called Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine. The name alone puts to rest any consultant baloney about simplicity and stability in search. Stephen Wolfram is the author of Mathematica, the gold standard in equation crunching. He has whipped out a couple of two pound books that will give most liberal arts grads a migraine. A New Kind of Science has 1,200 pages and lots of equations. Yummy. More detail than a William Carlos Williams’ poem too.

The new system becomes available in May 2009. Not surprisingly, Dr. Wolfram uses lots of math to make the computational knowledge engine sit up and roll over. I don’t have any information in my files about Alpha. You can get the facts from Mr. Farber’s write up.

One item that caught my attention was:

Google would like to own it [Alpha].

With Twitter deemed an also ran by the GOOG, maybe Dr. Wolfram’s math will catch the company’s eye. More information as I find it.

Stephen Arnold,  March 9, 2009


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