CMS Warts and Wobbles

May 15, 2009

I don’t think too much about lightweight CMS systems. To be up front’ I try to duck heavyweight CMS tools as well. You may not have that luxury. If you are one of the lucky CMSters, you must read “Dump Your Self-Banning CMS” here.

Now the language is salty and some of the illustrations might offend. Nevertheless I found the information first rate’ One example:

Since every database access is expensive, the login procedure creates a persistent cookie (today + 365 * 30) for each user property. Dynamic and user specific external CSS files as well as style-sheets served in the HEAD section could fail to apply, so all CMS scripts use a routine that converts the user settings into inline style directives like style="color:red; text-align:bolder; text-decoration:none; ...". The developer consults the W3C CSS guidelines to make sure that not a single CSS property is left out.

If this passage spe3aks to you, you will like this CMS write up.

Stephen Arnold, May 13, 2009


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