Google, YouTube, and Digital Volume

May 22, 2009

Short honk: A year or so ago, I learned that Google received about one million new video objects per month. TechCrunch reported here that Google’s ingests about 20 hours of video every minute. I don’t know if this estimate is spot on, but it is clear that YouTube is amassing one of the world’s largest collections of rich text content in digital form. For me, the most interesting information in the write up was:

Back in 2007, shortly after Google bought the service, it was 6 hours of footage being uploaded every minute. As recently as January of this year, that number had grown to 15 hours, according to the YouTube blog. Now it’s 20 — soon it will be 24.

Lots of data means opportunity for the GOOG. I am looking forward to having the audio information searchable.

Stephen Arnold, May 22, 2009


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