IBM Challenges Google by Reacting, Not Leading

June 25, 2009

Internet News ran a very interesting article called “IBM Takes on Google with Social Cloud Apps”. I revealed that IBM rebuffed a certain government group with a statement along the lines that IBM knew in early 2008 what Google was doing. You can read my short write up in which this confidence is discussed. Alex Goldman wrote:

Scoring an upset over Google Apps was IBM’s LotusLive Connections, which is so new it’s not available until June 30, 2009, but the IBM product won the Enterprise 2.0 Cloud Computing Buyers’ Choice Award. LotusLive Connections offers profiles that list employees’ expertise so that others can find them, blogs so that experts can share knowledge and learn from each other, add a dogear to bookmarks and share information, Activities for project collaboration, and brings it all together in one unified home page. IBM’s social cloud software is fully integrated. Other LotusLive cloud services include LotusLive Engage for collaboration, LotusLive Meeting for voice and video conferencing, LotusLive Events for registration and ticketing of large meetings, LotusLive Notes Web mail, and LotusLive iNotes file sharing.

The issue in my opinion is that IBM is reacting to Google. If you know what a partner / competitor is doing, you get ahead of that competitor. Reacting suggests that control has been ceded. Google is search. IBM is vulnerable in a core function.

Stephen Arnold, June 25, 2009


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