Blocking News Called Dumb

August 13, 2009’s “Why Blocking News Aggregators Is Dumb and Won’t Work” takes a clear position about a “crack epidemic” in big media senior management meetings. You may find the write up interesting because it constitutes a summary of how the young at heart view some of the tenets of traditional book, magazine, television, and newspaper companies. For me the most insightful statement in the article was:

As I noted earlier today (see Washington Post: Go Gawker Yourself), news organizations probably have more to gain by creating their own summaries and aggregators than by railing against the people who spotted this opportunity first. Or, if they’re just not up to that challenge, they could actively partner with aggregators, bloggers, and entertaining “newsmockers” like Gawker and The Daily Show to make the relationship more mutually beneficial.

I find the idea of partnering interesting. The partners of interest to me, however, are not mentioned in the article. I wonder if big media has considered surfing on the Google? Probably but is big media’s analysis of the opportunities Google presents fully informed?

Stephen Arnold, August 13, 2009


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