The Real World and the Clouds: Just Like the Weather. Unpredictable.

August 21, 2009

ITNews has been a consistently interesting source of information technology information. I have concluded that the flies in Canberra motivate Australians to stay inside and work hard to understand software and systems. “Stress Tests Rain on Amazon’s Cloud” is a thought provoking article. The main idea appears in the subhead for the story: “Availability an Issue for Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, and Microsoft Azure.[Editor’s note: We edited App Logic to App Engine since the story refers to that Google service.] That is correct: Amazon, Google, and Microsoft face some challenges if the information in the ITNews story is spot on. The most telling comment in the write up was:

Liu said all three services lack the monitoring tools large organizations require to check on whether the platform is meeting service level agreements. “None of the platforms have the kind of monitoring required to have a reasonable conversation about performance,” she said. “They provide some level of monitoring, but what little there is caters for developers, not business users. And while Amazon provides a dashboard of how much it is costing you so far, for example, there is nothing in terms of forecasts about what it will cost you in the future.”

Hmm. No SLA monitoring tools. Hmmm. Costs are fuzzy. Hmmmm. Not exactly what the marketers wanted me to believe. Promising just no promises.

Stephen Arnold, August 21, 2009


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