Sucking Content from SharePoint

September 30, 2009

A happy quack to the reader who sent me a link to a Slashdot story “Cracking Open the SharePoint Fortress”. This Slashdot item pointed to Computer World in the UK. You can find that original story on the UK Computer World Web site. The articles point out that SharePoint has been a bit of a one way street. Licensees – about 100 million of them I have heard – can put content into SharePoint. Getting that information out is a bit more work. The solution for this “fortress” is Microsoft’s pal Google. The idea is that Google’s Sites’s API can Hoover the info without much hassle. My son’s company Adhere Solutions has had a number of ways to neuter the wild boar SharePoint. The Sites’s API just makes the job easier, faster, and cheaper. Yes, you can have the three attributes courtesy of Google’s wizards. What’s Microsoft’s reaction? I don’t know because I don’t track the dust ups between these two companies. My hunch is that Microsoft will seethe inwardly and then respond in an appropriate way. Microsoft is not likely to let this sharp probe go unanswered.

Stephen Arnold, September 30, 2009


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