ChaCha Dances to Its Own Revenue Tune

January 1, 2010

I think that the TechCrunch articles arrive at the Washington Post via some set up. I spotted the headline “ChaCha Makes ITs Crazy Business Model Profitable” and concluded that the DC paper could not [a] have written a jazzy headline and [b] known about ChaCha search because Indianapolis in not Annapolis by a long shot. I was right.

The key point in the story is that the human powered search system is making money. The most interesting observation in the article was:

ChaCha also made another smart move. They started archiving questions and answers on their website in January 2009. 300 million of them are now published on their website ¿ you can view and search them from the ChaCha home page. Those pages have lots of ads generating revenue, and the search engines tend to rank pages like these highly. The company serves just under a million page views to answer pages per day, they say.

Some services discard historic queries; others bury them. ChaCha makes these generate ad revenue. In addition SMS ads are generating revenue as well.

Useful information in my opinion.

Stephen E. Arnold, January 1, 2010

Oyez, oyez, I wish to disclose to the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation that ChaCha did not pay me to write this. ChaCha has cut a new channel for revenue.


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