Another Googler Feeds the PR Blast Furnace

June 18, 2010

Navigate to “Working at Google – The First 6 Months.” Sound familiar? Consider these words and phrases:

  • Start up
  • Engineering rules
  • Change quickly
  • Work hard, have fun
  • Hiring now.

I have some questions for you, gentle reader:

  • Is “start up” and any connotations are universal “good thing”? We have some products that did not just disappoint, the products revealed the nature of Google’s ability to hook action and engineering to customer needs. Examples include Google Buzz, Google Wave, and assorted YAGGs (yet another Google glitch).
  • Engineering can be a good thing, but as the Nexus One “customer support” method demonstrated, humans want more customer support than a chipper email and a link to Google’s next to impossible thicket of Web pages, documents, and code snippets.
  • Change quickly can be a virtue; however, the notion of pinning the Wi Fi data collection on a “rogue engineer” and triggering some legal excitement in the US and elsewhere suggests that more may be required
  • Work hard, have fun does have a nice ring to it, but there are lots of Xooglers running around now, and I am not sure some of these folks have the appetite for the Kool-Aid despite their compensation, free lunches, and serenades by Tony Benett. (Oh, Mr. Bennett lose that autoplay music, please.)

Each high profile hire at Google rolls out a PR encomium: Bray, Tunkenlang, et al. The addled goose expects more from a 10 year old. Come to think of it so do legal authorities in Germany, bureaucrats in China and Vietnam, and partners like HTC who must cope with new guidelines for the Android interface. Just my opinion. Honk.

Stephen E Arnold, June 18, 2010


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