The Math Club Aces Its DMCA Test

June 25, 2010

Remember those tests with the weird scoring. An SAT whiz could get an 800. In Illinois, there was some odd duck Illinois State High School Test with a perfect score punching in a 25 or 30. The Google just scored big on its DMCA test. I learned about this skunking of Viacom in “Four Copyright Lessons From Google’s Viacom Victory.” Now I was not convinced about the lessons, but I did understand:

Earlier today, Judge Louis Stanton put his stamp on a case that the media and legal worlds have been waiting three years to see resolved: Viacom’s $1 billion lawsuit against Google over its allegedly copyright-infringing clips on YouTube. Google walked away victorious, though Viacom has promised an appeal.

One highlight of the write up is a link to the decision. I will leave it to legal eagles to rip the entrails from this chunk of jurisprudential prose.

Is this a big deal? For now, the Math Club looks like the best in its class. The dunce cap fits squarely on the head of the oh-so-confident lawyers directing the Viacom assault. Will these advisors wear their new headgear in Washington, DC and New York, NY instead of the trendy worn baseball cap?

The Googlers may be wearing beanies with propellers and LCD lights tomorrow. The only possible draw back is that Viacom allegedly will appeal. Another round of billing means that BMW and condo sales will be healthy for the partners in the months and years ahead.

For Viacom, my hunch is that there will be some fire and brimstone from Sumner Redstone. The Viacom big dog may be interested in some ankle biting. Round 2 will be underway soon.

Stephen E Arnold, June 25, 2010



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