Expert System Honored

July 5, 2010

There were no teary-eyed speeches or red carpet interviews, but the business world recently awarded its version of the Oscar to a company doing exciting things with searches. The Stevie Awards annually select the best and brightest companies around the globe for its awards. This year was no exception, because its Best New Product or Service winner was search and semantic technology innovator Expert System USA () for its COGITO Focus program. This search platform improves search capabilities and interactive analysis for all data. “This allows users to have insight into both structured and unstructured content, both internally and externally, including RSS feeds, Web pages and social networks,” the company says.  This honor is another sign that search companies are gaining significant traction and respect in the business world.  A happy quack from the goose pond. In September 2010, will feature the Expert System technology in its demonstration series. Watch the blog and the Expert System’s Web site for details.

Stephen E Arnold, July 5, 2010


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