Lucene Moving Ahead with New Projects

July 22, 2010

Now here are a few grand ideas from the good people of Lucene. First off there’s the Apache JMeter that’s been designed to measure performance and test functional behavior. Both dynamic and static resources can both be tested here. There are more products listed in the post Lucene Announce New Sub-Project Lucy and a New, Open Source Definition for Hardware
Online now is the Version 0.3 of the Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Draft Definition and a new sub project ‘Lucy’. Keep in mind that OSHW, according to one reader, has “nearly nothing in common with Lucene.” Another source for this post suggested that the KinoSearch codebase has been retrofitted to use Lucy’s core.

All these items are more good work from the people of Lucene who are dedicated to bringing the best in open source to the business community and beyond. Like all Apache projects Lucene has a PMC that is responsible for the oversight and management of the Lucene project. Lucene consists of several sub-projects, each of which have their own diverse communities and distinct groups of committers. The PMC relies on the guidance of the committers from each sub-project, particularly in regards to voting on releases, and in nominating new committers.

If you are interested in Lucene / Solr, you will want to attend the Lucene Revolution in Boston, Mass., on October 7 and 8, 2010. The conference is sponsored by Lucid Imagination.

Rob Starr, July 22, 2010


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