Some Social Traction: Grinding Google and Seducing Seniors

September 13, 2010

A recent survey reveals that the older American generation is becoming very active in social networking. Supposed to be the playground of the young, now “nearly half of the US Internet users ranging in age from 50 to 64, marking an 88 percent increase from the prior year” use the online communities such as Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn, according to the article “Older Americans Flocking to Online Social Networks.

Though the older users still use email as their primary mode of communication, most were “inclined to reconnect with people from the past, potentially creating support networks for retiring or changing careers,” stated the Pew Research Center’s report based article. There is a double fold increase in seniors of 65 years of age and above using the social networking platform, who mainly use it for blogging or online health discussions. It shows that the once broadband-resistant community has now embraced it, as an everyday utility of life.

To add to the spice of the Facebook service, PCWorld reported “Facebook Now More Popular than Google.” Usage data are controversial. But for those who never look at log files, these seemingly concrete numbers are reality. This means that PCWorld’s statement “A total of 9.9 percent of consumers’ online time was spent on the site Facebook in August, surpassing time spent on Google which came in with 9.6 percent.”

Is the sky falling on Google? Nope, but this Facebook news makes clear that Google’s “speed” with regard to displaying laundry lists is not equally in its race against Facebook. As any race car driver knows, a few seconds lead can make a significant difference in the end-of-race pay off.

Stephen E Arnold, September 13, 2010



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