App Store Developer Perceptions

September 29, 2010

Short honk: If you want some insight into how developers perceived the vendors’ app stores, point your Brower at “What Top App Developers Really Think of the App Stores.” The information comes from a consulting and research company doing business as Open First. I don’t have a good sense of the sample size or of the methodology. This passage caught my attention:

One of the most surprising results was on revenue. The survey showed 81 percent of developers for Ovi Store said they were earning less than they expected, with the corresponding figures being 49 percent for the Android Market and 28 percent for the Apple Store. Unsurprisingly, developers who reported low revenues ascribed this to a combination of inadequate promotion tools, application ranking systems and bad categorization of apps. On the other hand, 48 percent of iPhone developers reported earning more than they expected. So the Apple Store still appears to be the most lucrative for developers.

Suggestive, not definitive, however.

Stephen E Arnold, September 29, 2010



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