Yahoo Alert Oddity: Files Search

October 25, 2010

I still receive a couple of Yahoo Alerts. On Saturday, October 23, 2010, I reviewed an alert pushed to me on Friday at 11 24 pm. What struck me as peculiar were two hot links to a search service billed as RapidShare but resolved to “Files Search”.


When I clicked on the link, I was sent to the Web site The specific link for the hit was a more complex url that resisted url shaving. Click this link to see the hit in my Yahoo Alert. From one of my disposable computers, I tried to download a file and was then redirected to Express Downloads. When attempting the download, the system displayed a page for me to select a server near me. A click on the purple download button displayed this page:


The system asked for my credit card. I did qualify for a $2.49 promotional membership. My special offer expires on October 24, 2010. The service for Express Downloads seems to be operating from the US.

No big deal when these types of “search” sites pop up in a or query. The hits in a Yahoo Alert struck me as somewhat unusual. My hunch is that the Microsoft/Yahoo system interpreted the Files Search module as “enterprise search” and happily provided me with a pointer to a service that does little to reassure me.

Well, the new Yahoo. Close enough for horseshoes and a site that some copyright mavens may want to explore.

Stephen E Arnold, October 25, 2010



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