Aleri Live May Breathe Life into SAP Sybase

October 27, 2010

Sybase, now a unit of SAP, is one of the acquisitions that will add sparkle to the aging SAP body panels. Sybase acquired Aleri before the SAP purchase of Sybase. Now Aleri is emerging as a key component in the SAP Sybase complex event processing (shorthand, CEP) service. “Aleri Live OLAP – Powerful Real time OLAP” makes a case for the market potential of this multi dimensional data management and analytics system.

With the increased demand for super fast online analytical processing (shorthand, OLAP), SAP and Sybase see Aleri Live as a pivotal product. What makes Aleri Live stand apart is the CEP engine. A real time data stream enters the OLAP engine. Live data and historical data are aggregated. As a result, the outputs reflect a blend of historical and real-time data. The result, if I understand the Sybase description, is rendering of outputs about what is happening “right now.”

Under the hood, Aleri uses columnar data storage. This form of storage enables the data to be stored in a highly compressed form that is ideal for aggregations by OLAP.

Will Aleri Live give SAP an edge in the real time analytics sector? Aleri’s support for industry standards is a plus. Now about that SAP rebuild? The company has an engine but needs a frame off restoration in my opinion. For more information about Sybase Aleri, navigate to Sybase’s complex event processing Web page.

Stephen E Arnold, October 28, 2010



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