Baidu to Invest in Search Results Filtering

December 17, 2010

Those expensive coffees at boutique coffee shops are filtered. People like filtered coffee.

The goose knows why Baidu is probably going to be successful in certain markets. “Baidu to Spend $15 Mln to Screen Search Engine Results” reports that “China’s leading search engine plans to deploy $15 million to expunge illicit material and false information from its search results.” The source? State media.


Filtering makes some things better. One example is revenue derived from for fee service for the China market. Image source:


  1. Filtering happens. What’s interesting is the price tag placed on the renewed effort. Details about the scale of the filtering or “expunging” appear in the write up
  2. Happy government officials. Reading between the lines I could see modest smiles of happiness on the faces of some government officials.
  3. Unbeatable advantage in the fastest growing and largest market for online in the world. No further comment necessary because some Google shareholders may ask, “Tell us again why you are not making every effort to maximize shareholder value in the world’s largest market?”

In my opinion, the $15 million is irrelevant. The message is the investment. Message received in Harrod’s Creek. I am not sure about elsewhere.

Stephen E Arnold, December 17, 2010



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