Gepi: The Open Source Graphing Tool

December 20, 2010

A New Year’s Day treat!

Want to create open source graphs with lots of pretty colors? The O’Reilly Radar recommends “Strata Gems: Explore and Visualize Graphs with Gephi.” This program allows you to turn any form of data into a graph. Gepi is an open source project great to analyze networks and data. It can be used on all the major operating systems is described as a “Photoshop for data.”

“Graphs can be loaded and created using many common graph file formats, and explored interactively. Hierarchical graphs such as social networks can be clustered in order to extract meaning. Gephi’s layout algorithms automatically give shape to a graph to help exploration, and you can tinker with the colors and layout parameters to improve communication and appearance.”

Another great feature Gephi offers is that it is extensible through plugins. These will allow you to export and publish the data on the web and experiment with other layouts. Gephi appears to be a quick and easy way to study data, plus the color options will keep your artistic side happy. Get Gephi at

Whitney Grace, December 20, 2010



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