Smart Business after the 2008 Implosion!

January 23, 2011

Is analytics everything these days?  “10 Insights: A First Look At The New Intelligent Enterprise Survey” tells of the results of a MIT SMR/IBM global survey of executives who were asked about their use of information and analytics in management goals and practices.

Notable quote:

“Executives named ‘innovating to achieve competitive differentiation’ their top business challenge, significantly ahead of runners-up ‘growing revenue,’ ‘reducing costs’ and ‘acquiring customers.’ Top performing companies put an even higher premium on innovation than lower performers did.”

Hmmm. The economy has been the worst since the Great Depression, and increasing income and decreasing expenses rank way below innovation.  Does this mean the economic crisis is really over or that companies simply recognize the power of setting themselves apart and above?

When there’s blood in the streets, buy property.  Some other themes of the survey were the importance of company culture over technology, the need for someone to manage analytics at the central enterprise level like a “chief analytics officer,” methods for making information tangible, and the importance of analytics in every type of industry.

The real question can’t be answered by a survey, which is: Are companies smart enough to accomplish these goals?

Alice Wasielewski, January 23, 2011



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