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April 13, 2011

We learned via PRNewswire’s “ to Provide Bilingual Local Search for U.S. Hispanics at” that PaginaAmarillas is now bilingual.

With over 50 million Hispanics now living in the U.S., it only makes sense to address that niche. YaSabe and Publicar, S.A. are teaming up to do just that with their bilingual products and services search deal.

Hispanics everywhere can relate to the Paginas Amarillas brand,’ said Carlos Caceres, Internet Business Director at Publicar. ‘Partnering with YaSabe, we will provide a world-class local search experience at for the 50 million Hispanics that live in the United States.

Publicar S.A. blankets South and Central America with access to multimedia content, directory assistance, internet search services, and other digital products.

Ya Sabe, Inc. connects U.S. Latinos with resources from local businesses to national brands. Their bilingual search, complete with access to a live human for recommendations, taps into the almost $1 trillion in combined disposable income wielded by Hispanics in this country.

This new service promises to be a welcome tool for Spanish speakers in this country. It is also a smart business move. Check it out at

Cynthia Murrell, April 13, 2011



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