Google, Spam, and a Greasy Clean Up

April 22, 2011

According the Tech Crunch article “Google Inadvertently Classifies Google Places as a “Content Farm” and Removes From Search Index” Google can no longer hide the problems that have been brewing within. The Google Web spam department recently announced “major revisions to its search algorithms to reduce the amount of content farm and other low quality content appearing in Google search results.”

As Google Webspam continues to assert its independence from other Google departments, Google programs such as Google Places and even major Google Adsense supporters such as Demand Studios have been labeled spam and supposedly banned. As other Google executive members speak out against the new algorithm system The Webspam executive head asserted:

If Google were to determine that Google properties were not providing high quality results, it would not matter whether or not those Google properties were displaying Google ads.” Google has always worked to dominate the search engine world and now ironically it seems that the various Google departments are extremely busy trying to dominate one another.

We think that Google has an interesting challenge. One one hand the company has to pump up traffic. The notion of an online scavenger hunt is one example of a somewhat gratuitous method of getting users to run queries. Traffic, hooks into advertising, which is where the revenue river flows for Google. On the other hand, users want to run queries that return useful, on point results. Links to placeholder pages or other types of content-light Web pages are irritating to some. The recent uptick in market share and the continued buzz for suggest that Google’s grip on the North America user may not be unbreakable.

The fact that content is an issue suggests that Google has to focus on some problems I thought it had solved years ago.

April Holmes, April 22, 2011



One Response to “Google, Spam, and a Greasy Clean Up”

  1. John Nagle on April 27th, 2011 7:34 pm

    That TechCrunch article was a joke, you realize.

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