About that Cloud Security?

May 21, 2011

Let’s assume the Bloomberg story “Amazon Server Said to Be Used in Sony Attack”. If a one cloud based service can be used to attack another cloud based service, does the owner of the service used in the attack have an obligation to prevent the attack?  Bloomberg reports that Sony is concerned. No kidding, but what about the customers? Bloomberg says:

…the breach at Amazon is likely to call attention to concerns some businesses have voiced over the security of computing services delivered via others’ remote servers, referred to as cloud computing. Cloud security is Amazon’s top priority, Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos said at an event sponsored by Consumer Reports magazine this week.

Will substantive, timely action be taken to address the issues associated with this type of alleged use of cloud services? I suppose that the companies involved will try to slap on a patch. When the dust settles, will there be significant change? My hunch is that the quest for revenues will come first. The costs associated with figuring out problems * before * they occur are just too high.

We’re still in the react mode when it comes to online. Learning to live with unknown risks just adds spice to the online stew.

Stephen E Arnold, May 21, 2011



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