Augmenting the Future with Aurasma

June 24, 2011

I somehow missed the earlier reporting until now.  Straight out of science fiction, “Aurasma App Is Augmented Reality, Augmented” gives a glimpse of the next app to potentially saturate the market.

Aurasma describes itself as an augmented reality platform.  With an equipped Smartphone, one can point the window at the world and conjure up an associated “aura”, or online video content.  The content is created by anyone and stored in an infrastructure provided by the brains of this innovation, Autonomy. The article stated:

The idea is that media companies can use Aurasma to recognize printed matter – street posters, newspapers, magazines – to call up compelling video and online content they have made themselves or from TV stations and movie studios. … It’s making the world browsable.

Okay, the given examples of animating the assembly instructions of flat-pack furniture, talking newspapers and bringing advertisements to life will be at least momentarily entertaining.  But these applications toe the gimmick line and can lose their appeal as quickly as animated ads have ruined the internet. 

Let’s consider some of the more useful extensions.  In engineering, for one: imagine issuing equipment specs or construction issue drawings with associated 3-D models rather than typical 2-D likenesses.  Sure, 3-D CAD files exist, but not everyone can afford those licenses merely for viewing. Highlighting all of the most important and oft ignored drawing details with Aurasma animations would be another option.  Any industry based on communicating thru flat images could benefit greatly from this service. 

Further and a bit closer to home, making the world "browsable" is tantamount to making it searchable.  If the technology sticks it will not take long before search can be leveraged thru Autonomy’s brilliant platform.  It sounds like another layer is being added to the prospering location based services business.  If we could view it through Aurasma, we would probably see some cheerfully dancing dollar signs.

Sarah Rogers, June 23, 2011, the resource for enterprise search information and current news about data fusion


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