The Google Health Death Rattle

June 29, 2011

Quote to note: I wrote an analysis of Google Health and gave a talk in the weird wonderland of Houston a couple of years ago. As interesting as the idea was, I was not excited nor were those in the audience. Google was not part of “big health”. Without that credibility, the health establishment was not gaga over Google. I was perusing the funeral attendance book. I came across “Google Health: Why It’s Ending & What It Means.” Tucked in the pretty good write up was a quote to note:

Healthcare blogger Faisal Qureshi said on Twitter this afternoon, “Google Health failed at not reaching out to vertical developers, Android fixation & not learning how MSFT partners.”

Yikes! Another example of the curse of Android and the dream of global mobile ad domination. Google has already broken traditional Web search. Google Health is a goner. What’s next? My eyes are on Washington, DC, home of Potomac fever and egos larger than those in Silicon Valley. What happens when high IQs meet those cherry blossom tinged countenances? We will know soon enough.

Stephen E Arnold, June 29, 2011

From the leader in next-generation analysis of search and content processing, Beyond Search.


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