Google Voice Search is Here

July 8, 2011

First reading fell to audio and video. Now typing may give way to talking a search query. In the roar about Google +1, we can’t overlook Google voice search. As Kelly Clay at LockerGnome’s News and Views declares, “Google’s Voice Search Opens the Door to New Possibilities.” Naturally, the ability to search without typing is the main draw. We learned:

Google’s Voice Search is a fun new way for Google Chrome users to search for just about anything using voice commands. . . . The Google Voice Search feature works by simply clicking the microphone next to the text input box on (which only appears in Chrome at the moment) and speaking your search.”

A long-awaited tool, and useful– as long as one is in a setting where talking is okay.

Clay seems most excited, though, about the developers who are running with this advance in new directions. For example, BreakfastNewYork has built The Verbalizer, an open source dev board that allows one to introduce a physical component to the voice searches. It looks like lots of fun—see the video embedded in the article or at the Verbalizer page. I don’t yet see much in the way of practical application with such experiments, but maybe someone will prove me wrong.

Cynthia Murrell July 8, 2011

You can read more about enterprise search and retrieval in The New Landscape of Enterprise Search, published by Pandia in Oslo, Norway, in June 2011.


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