Is Yahoo Harbinger for AOL?

September 7, 2011

I am in a country where  cabbage is the main delicacy. I took time from marzipan with sauerkraut to read “Carol Bartz Confirms Her Own Firing –From Her iPad” to learn that the “new” Yahoo was a bit like the “new” Coca Cola. Hype did not generate big bucks. Here’s the  statement I noted:

The moral of the story: how do you know a company is lying about something potentially damaging, even (and perhaps especially) in an official capacity? If their mouths are moving.

Too bad for Ms. Bartz, Yahoo stakeholders, and, I think, for AOL’s Xoogler boss. Here’s why:

  1. AOL has Ms Huffington, who may look like a way to fix the wandering AOL
  2. Yahoo had a female CEO, and AOL may think that it can emulate Yahoo with better results following its lead in management selection
  3. With new brass at the top of these me-too companies, someone might think merging the outfits will make a winner, an idea which the Xoogler has not acted upon

My view. Time is running out for both Yahoo and AOL.

Stephen E Arnold, September 7, 2011

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