Page Views Add Top Dog Credibility

October 3, 2011

Short honk: I wanted to capture the reference to “one billion page views.” This is a big number, and I don’t know if it is accurate. Online usage data are—ah, how shall I phrase it—somewhat malleable. The source that carried the claim was “HuffPost at One Billion Monthly Page Views: More buying, More Launching, More Hiring.” The article contained a hint of what one of the goslings called “page view envy.” I have no idea what the person was talking about. I learned:

Along with the record one billion page views, the site also said it had 37 million unique visitors in August, the largest number it has posted yet, with 5.1 million comments.

This struck me as important for one simple reason: HuffPost and Ms. Huff herself now have some additional ammunition to oust the Googler and take over AOL. In my view, Ms. Huff has what it takes to make AOL grow. The Googler in chief at AOL now has the distinction of making a deal for an acquisition that knows how to generate traffic, capture headlines, and operate in an organized fashion. Am I right? Hard to say. I wanted to capture this thought, however, because “real” journalists are not in this particular game at this time. Real journalists mostly report was Ms Huff is doing.

Stephen E Arnold, October 3, 2011

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