SlideShark Seamlessly Brings PowerPoint to the iPad

November 27, 2011

If you  have struggled with moving content to the iPad, you may want to check out SlideShark. Although PowerPoint continues to lose ground to PDFs of presentation, PowerPoints are used by some search wizards. (If you want to search Google for PowerPoints, you may have noticed that there are fewer fresh files than in years past. To locate presentations, you may want to check out SlideShare or similar services.)

BrainShark, a creator of cloud based software for video presentations, has recently released a new iPad app called SlideShark.

A recent KillerStartups post “ – View Presentations on Your iPad” asserted:

SlideShark is an application that lets you watch PowerPoint presentations on your iPad. This app (which you can download for free) lets you do that by uploading the presentations you want to view to your BrainShark account, or to a SlideShark account. That is, you can log in using your already-existing Brainshark username and password, or sign up for a SlideShark account of its own. It’s all the same in the end, as you upload your presentations online for them to be converted into something your iPad can render more than smoothly.

Since many people use their iPad for both business and pleasure, and many businesses use PowerPoint, it seems only natural that a company would come up with an app to make the transition seamless.

The more mobile we get, we’re often times having to give up some of the activities that we have become accustomed to. SlideShark is solving at least one problem in a way that accessible and fun.

Jasmine Ashton, November 27, 2011


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    Not to change the subject, but texting and cell phones are a hazard on the highway, and there are bodies to prove it…

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