HP Announces Autonomy’s Software Will be Integrated Across All Products

December 8, 2011

When Hewlett-Packard (HP) purchased Autonomy this past August for $10.3 billion, nearly 24 times the small Cambridge-based software company’s earnings, it vowed it’s reasoning was to integrate Autonomy’s software with HP’s hardware products.

Three months later, ZD Net UK reported on November 29, Autonomy’s advanced data search, analysis and augmented reality technology will be integrated across HP’s products, in the article “Autonomy plots HP- spanning tech”.

Autonomy’s chief executive, Mike Lynch said:

“There is a lot of work going on between the different business units at HP [to integrate Autonomy technology]. Servers and storage is obviously key [but with the] Personal Systems Group stuff is going to come that was only available for very large companies. There’s also some really stunning technology for printing being done by both HP research and development people and Autonomy’s. More detail will be given very shortly.”

Autonomy’s technology helps make sense of information generated by social media, phonecalls, video feeds and other types of unstructured data. I am very interested to see what this technology brings to HP’s products over the next year.

Jasmine Ashton, December 08, 2011


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