IBM Redbooks Reveals Content Analytics

December 16, 2011

IBM Redbooks has put out some juicy reading for the azure chip consultants wanting to get smart quickly with IBM Content Analytics Version 2.2: Discovering Actionable Insight from Your Content. The sixteen chapters of this book take the reader from an overview of IBM content analytics, through understanding the details, to troubleshooting tips. The above link provides an abstract of the book, as well as links to download it as a PDF, view in HTML/Java, or order a hardcopy.

We learned from the write up:

The target audience of this book is decision makers, business users, and IT architects and specialists who want to understand and use their enterprise content to improve and enhance their business operations. It is also intended as a technical guide for use with the online information center to configure and perform content analysis with Content Analytics.

The product description notes a couple of specifics. For example, creating custom annotators with the LanguageWare Resource Workbench is covered. So is using the IBM Content Assessment to weed out superfluous data.

The content is, of course, slanted toward working with IBM solutions. However, there is also some more general information included. This is a good place to go to get a better handle on content management.

Cynthia Murrell, December 16, 2011

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