SharePoint 2010 Not Ready for Enterprise

December 19, 2011

SharePoint is broad, powerful and widely adopted, but its drawbacks are also commonly publicized.  Not known for its ability to innovate rapidly, Microsoft suffers from a lack of agility, especially in fledging applications.  Bjorn Furuknap tackles the drawbacks of SharePoint 2010 in, “SharePoint Server 2010 Isn’t Really Ready for Enterprise Applications–And What Microsoft Should Do About It.”

With SharePoint 2010, there’s a new ballgame, but sadly, it’s riddled with bugs that prevent it from being a great platform for building enterprise or even professional applications . . . It may just be that I’m working with more ‘enterprise’ projects now than earlier, but it seems to me that the issues I see with SharePoint 2010 are more serious and obvious than in 2007.

Some of the specific examples Furuknap lists include Office document formatting and the immaturity of social features.   He blames SharePoint’s shortcoming on their (unsuccessful) shift to innovation at the expense of a stable and basic platform.  Perhaps he is right.  But who do you turn to in order to keep up with fast pacing technology?   We think third party solutions are the answer, and one we really like is Fabasoft Mindbreeze.  The industry must be thinking the same thing, as Fabasoft recently received the KM World Trendsetting 2011 Product of the Year.

’Our focus on agility, quality, usability and style in the monthly shipments of our latest product innovations enables us to integrate and implement client requests into our product development rapidly and sustainably. In addition to our on-premise offering, everyone can now try out our product in the Cloud, immediately. This is a possibility much appreciated by our clients and partners alike,’ says Daniel Fallmann, founder and managing director of Mindbreeze Software GmbH.

Furuknap has a point.  Microsoft needs to get back to the main thing, creating a stable and effective enterprise base.  However, ease and functionality can be achieved despite the challenges if a smart third party solution is adopted.

Emily Rae Aldridge, December 19, 2011

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  1. Sharepoint Consulting on December 24th, 2011 4:03 am

    SharePoint is basically a web based management system that enables employees to collect and configure resources through a common platform. It allows a company to create resources like project portals, extranets and team websites.

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