Trends and Challenges of Enterprise Search Discussed in Online Presentation

December 27, 2011

One of the best ways to stay on top of trends and happenings in the world of enterprise search is to check out some online training opportunities, webinars, talks, and lectures. Many are free, or relatively inexpensive, and can be easily accessed at your convenience. Susan Koch’s recent presentation from the Online Information Conference 2011, “The Landscape of Enterprise Search,” is one of these handy information sources.

Topics covered include challenges in enterprise search, four trends from the industry, and advice for those deploying an enterprise search system. So what are some trends in the world of searching and indexing diverse business information? With consumers driving social network proliferation, it is no surprise integrated social functions make the list. Most other trends revolve around the user experience: easy integrated searching, combining structured and unstructured data, and combining different content types in search results.

The presentation also includes some points on what a buyer should consider when transitioning to enterprise search, like the following:

What specific functions are essential? What kind of content is to be processed? How frequently is the index to be updated? How will the data to be searched grow? How might future search needs be different?

It is important to consider third party solutions when deploying your new system. They often provide an easy solution while easing startup costs. We like Fabasoft Mindbreeze. Their suite of products is in line with enterprise search trends, including social media and integrated searching.

In “Informed Decisions: Connect your Enterprise and the Cloud,” Daniel Fallmann explains:

To make swift and informed decisions it is essential to get a fast understanding of the available information and of all relations and people/experts involved. Enterprise Search and especially Unified Information Access allow a perfect symbiosis of (on-premise) enterprise applications with Cloud services and Cloud Apps. With our latest release, the 2011 Winter Release, we have released a brand new feature that empowers the individual user to make use of Cloud services to seamlessly.

Check out Mindbreeze solutions for your enterprise search system.

Philip West, December 27, 2011

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