One Suggestion for a URL Shortening Solution in SharePoint

December 30, 2011

We know that communicating SharePoint links can get pretty painful when you copy and paste a link to a document from a Document Library buried deep in a hierarchal list of sites. URL shortening has eased a lot of this pain across a variety of platforms. Jan Tielens discusses URL shortening and provides a suggested solution in “URL Shortening for SharePoint 2010.” The author describes her solution:

So to make a long SharePoint URL short, you can copy the URL to the clipboard, go to a URL shortener, past the long link over there and copy the short URL you get in return back to the clipboard. Works perfectly, but there are quite some tedious steps to go through. Already a long time ago, when SharePoint 2007 was still the rage, I posted some code that automates all these steps. Finally I found some time to update the code to SharePoint 2010 and nicely package it in a Sandboxed Solution, so it works both for SharePoint 2010 deployed on premises as in the cloud on Office 365.

A handy tip for a pesky problem, no doubt. We’ve seen how short URLs allow for convenient messaging and sharing, like in the case with Twitter or But URL shortening is a tedious process.

If you prefer to focus your time on tasks of greater importance, check out Fabasoft Mindbreeze. Over there, they really have text processing components in SharePoint down to an art. You can read more here at, “Information Pairing Makes Websites More Intelligent!” to learn about some of the benefits of their information pairing technology. “It smoothly integrates itself into your website so that the user doesn’t even realize that Cloud services are working in the background. Furthermore, InSite always knows what a user is interested in.” Their great deal of digital know-how takes convenience to a new level with mobility and maintenance-free capabilities; check out Fabasoft Mindbreeze.

Philip West, December 30, 2011

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