Google and Marketing: Welcome to 2012

January 3, 2012

Short honk: It is difficult for me to muster much enthusiasm for commenting on Google’s 2012 marketing efforts. I burned out on the GOOG after writing The Google Legacy, Google Version 2.0: The Calculating Predator, and Google: The Digital Gutenberg. Google has allowed itself to fritter away its opportunities.

One comment about “Google’s Jaw Dropping Sponsored Post Campaign for Chrome”. We’re surprised that an outfit which uses the Muppets to position information retrieval is pumping out “interesting” content?

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There’s a reason Amazon has pulled ahead in cloud computing. There’s a reason Apple is doing a good job with tablets. There’s a reason Microsoft is making points with procurement teams in DC with Office 365. There’s a reason the huge Google DC data center is under utilized. There’s a reason that Web sites are complaining that their search results are unpredictable. There’s a reason I use Yandex for certain searches.

So what happened to Google after 2006? The Muppets. Oh, yes. The image I want in my mind for next-generation search and retrieval. Google certainly has that consumer angle nailed just like dataspaces, the Programmable Search Engine, and predictive search. And content spam. I almost forgot content spam.

Stephen E Arnold, January 3, 2012

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