Excellence in Search or Anything Else Slipping?

January 25, 2012

US lawmakers are called out for being willing to sabotage American products in “American Corporate Software Can No Longer Be Trusted For Anything” at Falkvinge & Co. The arguments over SOPA have revealed representatives’ true colors, charges Rick Falkvinge. The article asserts:

In the debate around the American Stop Online Piracy Act, American legislators have demonstrated a clear capability and willingness to interfere with the technical operations of American products, when doing so furthers American political interests regardless of the policy situation in the customer’s country. Actually, it’s even worse: American legislators have demonstrated a willingness to do this just because of the different laws in the customer’s country, outside of the United States.

The ramifications of such an attitude are be greater than might appear at first glance; most of the world’s governments and global entities are built on hardware and software from American companies.

Other countries seem to be moving to curb their reliance on American technology. Extreme Tech announces, “Russia Building 10-Petaflop Supercomputer, Joins China in Search of Less US Tech Dependence.” Now, the Russian computer of this headline is still built on US hardware. However, the article mentions that China is now building a supercomputer entirely out of home-grown tech.

Hmm. Are these countries really trying to protect themselves from dependence on US made products? Maybe Russia and China are just moving ahead of the US. It isn’t always about us.

By the way, Russia’s Yandex is an excellent search engine for both Russian and English content.

Cynthia Murrell, January 25, 2012

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