Blekko is Moving Forward

February 28, 2012

Here comes the new search engine Blekko. Online Media Daily reports, “Blekko Begins Testing Search Ads.” Writer Laurie Sullivan reports:

Blekko has begun to test search ads on its site through feeds from Google and Bing. It works with brands through ad networks, but does not yet have direct ad relationships. Google and Bing built up an inventory of search ads so search start-ups like Blekko can tap into the pool through the AdSense search feed.

As of yet, most ads are not linked to users search terms. That could make for some refreshingly impersonal advertising.

The article notes that, among others, Yandex is helping to bankroll Blekko. That development may have some interesting implications for Google.

Founded in 2007, Blekko aims to provide better search results than its predecessors by tapping into a stash of three billion trusted websites and avoiding content farms. It also uses slashtags to filter and categorize searches. Its hope is that custom sorted searches will reduce spam. However, the company should be careful; doing too many things means that one cannot master them all. if the core competency slips, trouble looms. Behind Blekko stands the wizards from Yandex. Yep, Russian mathematicians, computer scientists, and systems engineers.

Cynthia Murrell, February 28, 2012

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