PLM Implementations: Extended PLM vs. Innovative PLM

February 28, 2012

Some companies are still hesitant to implement PLM. Change is not always a friend, but if companies were more informed as to how to implement it, they may be more inclined to change. Jos Voskuil explored this issue in the article PLM: What is the Target?

Voskuil outlines two different types of PLM implementations:  extended PLM and innovative PLM.  Extended PLM is the traditional method and is easily implemented by extending “this environment with an enterprise PLM layer for BOM management, manufacturing, definition, program management, compliancy and more.” Innovative PLM is a newer approach where “you need to implement PLM in a more disruptive manner, as you need to change the way your organization is triggered.”  The entire company “works around the market, the customer.”

Voskuil ends his article by saying:

“There are two main directions possible for PLM. The first and oldest approach, which is an extension of PDM and the second approach which is a new customer centric approach, driving innovation.  Your choice to make the case for one or the other, based on your business strategy.”

We believe it is time for innovation to take over.  PLM has come so far and innovation really is the key in today’s technological world.  Take for example, Inforbix.  They have gone above and beyond the traditional PLM use and created a fresh new approach to improve data access.  They have created software that helps find, reuse and share product data like never before.  Companies have to take the leap and let innovation lead the way.

Jennifer Wensink, February 28, 2012


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