Musings: If Apple Designed SharePoint

March 15, 2012

As an avid Apple user, I can appreciate the simplicity of design and ease of use that is the center of their product line.  However, Apple designs products for consumers and Microsoft designs products for the corporate world, for producers.   This makes Chris Poteet’s article, “What if Apple Designed SharePoint?” quite interesting, musing about the potential to combine the two perspectives.

Poteet outlines his objective:

This post contrasts the design philosophies and approaches that underpin both Apple and Microsoft.  It is meant to be a conversation starter and not a way to flame either side.  If it weren’t for SharePoint, I couldn’t afford all my (admittedly) over-priced Apple products.  Let’s now consider the question of what SharePoint might look like if Apple designed the product.

Poteet’s article leaves the reader with the impression that SharePoint’s current focus on functionality could do with a bit of tempering toward the end of usability.  But until SharePoint starts making those adjustments, the addition of a third-party solution to an existing infrastructure can improve the usability and efficiency of the SharePoint beast.  Fabasoft Mindbreeze is one highly competitive solution worth a second look.

Be well informed – quickly and accurately. The data often lies distributed across numerous sources. Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise gains each employee two weeks per through focused finding of data (IDC Studie). An invaluable competitive advantage in business as well as providing employee satisfaction.

Explore the features of Fabasoft Mindbreeze and see if it can bridge the gap between usability and functionality for your organization.

Emily Rae Aldridge, March 15, 2012

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