Is ZyLAB Warning the European Union?

April 7, 2012

I know search and content processing are important. I wonder, however, if the companies in this sector believe that with a long lever, they can move governmental entities. I thought campaign contributions were required.

ZyLAB’s Press Room informs us, “’EU Reform of Data Protection Rules Complicate Cross Border Litigation’, Warns ZyLAB.” We wonder: how may EU entities are attentive to warnings? Maybe the financial crisis in Spain, oil, and unemployment are on the radar too? Anything’s possible.

At issue here are existing or proposed rules that ZyLAB warns will affect any company with US business connections, such as the proposed reform of data protection rules by the European Commission last January and the new Sedona Conference International Principles on Discovery, Disclosure & Data Protection published last December. The write up asserts:

“In an international business environment organizations can become involved in complex, high-stake regulatory investigations that cross international boundaries. When that happens, it is not easy to grasp the full spectrum of international litigation issues to resolve cross-border disputes. ‘Firm control over all of your data and having machine assisted monitoring and audit procedures incorporated in your compliance strategy, will be essential in helping an organization to deal with the contradictory requirements of eDiscovery versus privacy law and data protection rules,’ says Johannes C. Scholtes, chairman and chief strategy officer of ZyLAB.”

The company offers a series of webinars and roundtables that address these issues, the first of which is titled, “Cross-Border Litigation: Preparing for the Unknown.” See the write up for more details.

EU, listen up!

Cynthia Murrell, April 10, 2012

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