PLM not a Quick Fix

April 10, 2012

As many industries are learning about the many cost-cutting opportunities product lifecycle management (PLM) offers they are jumping in headfirst.  While PLM will most definitely help streamline production processes and integrate disparate information it must be used with caution and implemented correctly to see results.  This responsible use of PLM is discussed in a recent article, “PLM 2.0: Achieving PLM’s Promised Value”, on, as it applies to the retail industry.  The article examined how a poorly implemented PLM system would create more work and do more damage to a company than no PLM at all.

The advice given in the article is,

“Clearly, a fundamental understanding of when and how to use PLM is as essential as the tool itself. Implementing PLM to increase process adherence won’t necessarily work if those processes are broken. Using technology to focus communication and drive decision-making can help ensure the right processes are in place.”

We couldn’t agree more that PLM is not a quick fix for any industry.  To prevent companies from thinking of PLM in this regard we recommend turning to PLM providers specializing in customer service and training, like Inforbix, so that expectations are clear before embarking on PLM integration.

Catherine Lamsfuss, April 10, 2012


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