Manufacturing Race Demands PLM Advantage

April 18, 2012

Economies across the world continue to free-fall while competition among manufactures increases in a global network stitched tighter every day with emerging technologies.  These two factors have led many companies to turn to product lifecycle management to streamline processes from idea inception all the way to product distribution.  PLM providers, in turn, are racing to create the most affordable, fully applicable solutions for all industries benefiting from such services.  A recent article titled, “Oak Barrel Software Partners with Infor on PLM”, on Infor’s website, explains how a new partnership has been created in order to appeal to more potential customers.

The article quotes Venkat Rajaji, Infor’s global PLM product manager, explaining the need for innovative PLM solutions by saying,

“Getting new products to market is a race that continues to grow more complex, and process manufacturers must be increasingly agile, responsive and focused on the rapidly changing demands of the market to outpace the competition.”

Because of the race among manufacturers those seeking PLM solutions should make absolutely sure that those providing such services not only have a stellar reputation but also is able to customize data management solutions to the specific needs of the company.  Inforbix, a leader in PLM with a focus on data management and enterprise search, is committed to working closely with each client to ensure that all needs are met.  With top of the line customer service Inforbix is who we recommend to companies, regardless of size, for their PLM needs.

Catherine Lamsfuss, April 18, 2012


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